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Who are we?

Indian cuisine is considered to be a food lover's jackpot. Panama City Indian Restaurant is heavily influence by the culinary culture. Indian food includes different cuisines from India and its neighboring places. Different spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruits to create unique dish is the most distinctive feature of Indian cuisine. Our popular cuisine is family oriented and a traditional establishment.

We at Sabor de la India treasure wisdom that is why we strive to bring perfection to your taste and thus make your time a memorable one. With a quality of food that seeks to match the smell and aroma of home cooked food in a complete ambience of Care and Indulgence.

Sabor de la India is a little gem of a restaurant, with consistently good recipes, young staff, and attractive ambience. In addition to appetizingly inventive Indian food and a calm but energetic dining room, we offer different flavors of Indian cuisine.

Instead of focusing on one of India's many cuisines, we are offering a wide range of dishes featuring exclusive spices and remarkable ingredients prepared by a team of expert and dedicated chefs. Our elegant space with its pulsating modern look coupled with slight traditional essentials, is quickly embraced by each of our customers.