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Biryani is a rice dish, cooked together with whatever meat or vegetable. The meat and vegetables ingredients are pre-cooked and then mixed with the rice, Served with a separate bowl of curry sauce. We implicate the pure taste of traditional biriyani in our cuisine.

Chicken Dopiyaza:

Dopiaza means something like "double onions". Typically this is a fairly basic Indian restaurant curry, prepared as a Bhoona but with the addition of extra onions. This is another of our specialty, imitating the pure Indian curry taste.


Tandoori dishes derive their name from the Tandoor oven that they are cooked in. Meats are lowered into the oven on skewers and bread is stuck to the side with the aid of a good slap and asbestos fingers. Tandoori dishes do not have a reputation for being too spicy and are often suggested as being subtle and especially good for anybody wanting a gentler introduction to the Indian menu. We therefore imitate this particular flavor of India within our cuisine.


It is usually a piece of fillet meat, chicken or fish that is cooked on a skewer, it is one of our specialty to serve our customers with.

The restaurant Taste of India, offers all its customers the service buffet Monday through Friday from 12:00 noon to 10:00 pm, with ten different dishes every day.